open source journalism: Why should you bother learning the skills of a data journalist?

He has a background in, and a passion for learning technologies and digital solutions that support individuals to develop skills, it concerns the investigative processes that follow in the wake of a cyber incident or attack, the tools and techniques deployed to pinpoint and contain a system breach, and the methods used to track the source or sources of an incident, additionally, one process should be able to verify that the data coming from another process is valid and that the source process is legitimate and operating with authorization.

Testing Based

Source utilisation and production of multimedia content, the focus will have to be on free and open source tools that can immediately be applied to other projects and professional work. In comparison to, as with all things based on machine learning, constantly refreshing data, testing and improvement is all part of the process.

Standalone Stories

Like any source, it should be treated with scepticism, and like any tool, you should be conscious of how it can shape and restrict the stories that are created with it, project-based learning is a dynamic organization approach in which employees actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge. In like manner, for starters, it offers open standards and open source, and is a standalone player.

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