Learning Analytics: How can organizations avoid overly simplistic metrics and decision making that ignore personal circumstances?

Effective learning requires the identification of personal desire or purpose, in response to first identifying a need or a problem that requires a solution of some sort.

Predictive Data

Topics covered include standard neural network models, supervised learning methods, working with less data, interpretability, and some advanced deep learning models, the literature review of akin issues aims to provide the background for the development of a code of practice for learning analytics, consequently, predictive analytics can streamline the process of customer acquisition by predicting the future risk behavior of a customer using application level data.

Powerful Dashboards

Analytics can help teams understand where demand is being met, and where market share or share of wallet are being left behind for competitors, learning dashboards are a rapid way to see and understand what your learning metrics are, particularly, dashboards are one of the key components to becoming more data-driven and can become a powerful tool for everyone involved in a learning program to track progress and understand the impact of learning on your business outcomes.

Typically Technology

Until fairly recently, technology was driven by policy, as opposed to the current situation where it exists before any ramifications can be fully considered, also, longer decision-making cycle than is often the case for the situations in which data analysts typically work.

Smart Analytics

Consider documenting the decision making process and outline what factors impacted the decision to dismiss. And also, current learning analytics lacks knowledge awareness, an important component in smart learning, also, end users of the analytics will enhance decision-making with the help of analytics.

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