Learning Analytics: Are results in line with expectations?

Historically, learning analytics is in line with a trend in which you believe collecting more data is going to reveal new insight, one says, predictive analytics is the use of data, machine learning techniques, and statistical algorithms to determine the likelihood of future results based on historical data, ordinarily, learning analytics have proven to be valuable tools and, like any tool, require a certain level of skill and understanding to be properly used.

Small Data

You also expect, as technology matures, that learning analytics data will provide a basis for the delivery of personalised learning, tailored to the areas where individual employees are struggling, despite calls for greater inclusion of stakeholders, there still remains only a small number of investigations into employees beliefs and expectations towards learning analytics services.

Developed Business

Analytics offers almost limitless opportunities for business development and improving process efficiency, one of the great promises of learning analytics is the ability of digital systems to generate meaningful data about employees lear. Of course, evaluating the results of learning in terms of the objectives that are initially set and the type of competences developed.

Because everyone can be part of the conversation and assess results together, ai-based conversational analytics is great for group decision making, akin analytics provide insights into the learning process, that should be used to perform whatever actions are required to meet the educational or business goals, particularly, explain the different forms of analytics, e.g, predictive analytics versus learning analytics.

Advanced Machine

Findings show that employees expect learning analytics features to support planning and organization of learning, moreover, one is responsible for creating new machine-learning analytics solutions to improve applications quality. By the way, optimize performance and increase revenue using advanced customer experience analytics to predict outcomes.

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