Employee Value Proposition: How can online learning technologies be integrated to enrich the employee experience – on and off organization?

You specialize in employee engagement, sales incentives, channel loyalty, events management and customer loyalty solutions turning inspiration into meaningful results, it means that when developing the reward system employers must consider all aspects of the work experience that employees value, also, there are tradeoffs to be made since an increase in the number of categories can complicate the management of the reward structure and may make it more difficult for employees to grasp the complete employee value proposition.

Individuals Employee

Articulate a differentiated employee experience, and ensure it coordinates all aspects of the work, workplace, and workforce experience, research show is that other organizations which have recognized the need to give priority to its people management-driven strategies are the winners. To begin with, social network analysis can reveal exactly where positive work—and potential damage—might be done through akin key individuals.

Developed Proposition

A new type of employee learning is emerging that is more consumer like and that brings together design thinking, content curation, and an integrated model offering an end-to-end designed learning experience, starfish is a branding and creative communications organization founded on the philosophy that the brand experience is the brand. Compared to, based on input from your employees about your culture and what makes you stand out as an employer, you developed the employee value proposition.

Destructive Employees

Crafting and living a purpose-based employee value proposition is critical to attracting and retaining millennials — and just might work for your other employees as well., with a few simple adjustments, you can transform your managers to become a powerful force in creating and sustaining your employee experience, especially, an engaged employee who is central to the network can boost morale and productivity, and similarly, a disengaged employee can be destructive to the work environment.

Managers and employees alike can create and access learning paths much more easily and track progress from personal pages, assisting employers in developing a holistic employee value proposition in the employee benefit offering, driving competitive advantage. In this case, while some employee turnover can be healthy for your organization, excessive employee turnover can be very costly.

And when it comes to pay, the most important element of the employee value proposition, employees consistently cited improvements in performance management, commitment to growing talent internally can be an attractive employee value proposition. More than that, organizations are attracting, retaining, and engaging an increasingly mobile employee population. As well as a contingent worker population that is growing through contractors, alliances, talent platforms, and even robots and artificial intelligence.

Whole Brand

If you deliver what you promote, and keep the whole process transparent your employee value proposition will definitely increase, similarly, some organizations have come to realise that constructing a strong employee value proposition, and supporting it with a compelling employer brand, is a worthwhile effort. In the meantime, putting effort into creating a positive work environment for employees can have a considerable impact on your organization as a whole.

Employees are increasingly demanding the use of mobile, cloud and social collaboration at work, adapting your organization mindset to articulate the proposition value of your total rewards initiatives to top management, especially, cfos have to know business and industry very well, in order to make the most strategic mediumto long-term decisions.

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