Technical Surveillance Counter Measures: What causes someone to spy or leak?

To successfully design counter-measures to a particular surveillance technique it is vital to have a complete empirical understanding of how that technique works, by far the most pervasive of akin forms is the utilization of electronic surveillance devices to secretly acquire information, lastly, sure, there are tools on the market to help you sweep for surveillance equipment yourself, and the task can be quite intimidating.

Your organization offers private investigation, technical surveillance counter-measure, intelligence, counter-intelligence, counter-surveillance and counter-espionage services, among others, counter surveillance, is the processes and defences used in order to detect and stop someone or some organization carrying out surveillance on another person or organization. Above all, that means performing regular technical surveillance counter measures inspections.

Possible Business

Surveillance as a growing industry has started affecting the business and corporate world increasingly, your biggest advantage, comes from the skills and experience of your surveillance investigators. But also, without the right to legally manufacture a surveillance device there is no possible way for a researcher to have the knowledge to produce an effective counter-measures device.

However, despite all evolution, the malware counter-measures research field suffers from the lack of a general-purpose, behavior-based taxonomy able to address the myriad of new samples, it is also to ensure that there is nothing that could compromise the security and confidentiality of an area by the use of technical audio surveillance devices.

Strict Policy

As part of the firms overall security, it had regular technical and network surveillance countermeasures surveys carried out in all areas where information critical to the business was created, stored and communicated, you provide a professional service and adhere to a core policy of strict confidentiality at all times, also.

Want to check how your Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Processes are performing? You don’t know what you don’t know. Find out with our Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Self Assessment Toolkit: